JET 89/A
Slowly evaporating solvent-detergent

JET 89/A is a calibrated mixture of degreasing solvents, mainly of the aliphatic and paraffin series, and it finally solves, in just one time, the problems found in normal solvents. It has low odour, leaves no residue and is not inflammable.
These highly important properties for human and technical-functional use make JET 89/A very welcome in its use.
Its high dielectric strength (60000 volts) allows it to also be used on engines and electrical coils.
JET 89/A is used pure to degrease iron, steel and aluminium components, and it does not eat into caoutchouc and synthetic or insulating materials.
Flashpoint: >61°C (Pensky-Martens closed cup test)
Dielectric strength: 60 KV (as sampled)

It can be used:
• for dipping in cold tanks
• sprayed in cold parts washers
• brushed in cold parts washers
• for splashing in tanks
• in ultrasound tanks

Package: 10l can

Cod. 1JET89A_C10U

25l can

Cod. 1JET89A_C25U


PH:  N/A
State: Liquid
Scent: No-scent


Temperature:  Ambient
Concentration: Pure
Tools:part washer, brush, immersion tank



Temperature:  5°C ÷ +35°C
Shelf life: 24 months

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