Scented and multi-purpose sanitizing detergent

SANIX FS is a cleansing, sanitizing and deodorizing product all in one for floors, walls, toilet bowls, equipment, waste collection bins, etc. It is a calibrated mixture of surfactant ingredients, water hardness sequestering agents, glycol ethers and corrosion inhibitors that give the product the capacity to immediately break up all types of grime normally found on hard surfaces. It effectively removes residues of grime, grease, depositis and soap stains in hot, cold and hard water. It destroys the source of many annoying odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance.
SANIX FS is safe to use on all surfaces not attacked by water and can be used at low concentration also on waxed surfaces without altering their shine.
The disinfecting power of SANIX FX at the various concentrations of use can be found on the certificate issued by the University of Milan.

Package: 25kg can

Cod. 0DECARB200


PH:  12.5
State: Liquid
Scent: scent


Temperatura:  Acqua calda o fredda
Concentration: 0.5% ÷ 4%
Application:manual or spray



Temperature:  5°C ÷ +35°C
shelf life: 24 months

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